Mark Pinsky's: The Doctor's Corner

Since the beginning of the year. Julia and Melissa have started on the weight loss journey with the dedicated plan from the Pinsky Weight Loss Clinic. See the results.

Tony Stigall with Dr. Pinsky discusses sleep apnea and sleep disorders in relation to weight loss. 

This week, Dr Pinsky goes in-depth on the IDLife and its life changes products to jump start your weight loss journey. 

This week, Dr Pinsky interviews Dr. Ashish Udeshi, is a life-time Floridan, who was born in Titusville, Florida and grew up in South Florida on pain management.
Special edition on the Coronavirus, better known as COVID-19. Dr. Pinsky gives his thoughts and opinions on the current situation facing all of us, along with understanding further details on the virus.
Guest Kristin Smith, speaks about overcoming Transverse myelitis. Along with discussing further concepts of wellness and being with Dr. Mark Pinsky.
Understanding chronic pain and management of it with alternative approaches alongside Dr. Sumeet, and Dr. Pinksy’s episode.
Dr. Pinsky in collaboration with Aran Hissam and the Brianna Marie Foundation on supporting fetal medicine to change lives.
Dr. Pinsky in collaboration with Dr. Primack discuss through a comprehensive approach to weight management at the Pinsky Weight Loss Clinic.
This week is a Christmas Holiday special on The Doctor’s Corner: Spirituality in Medicine with Fr. Blake Britton as we look to celebrate times with our families.
Continuing the Age & Management Series of the Doctors Corner with Dr. Pinsky and Mark McCoy as they discuss further in-depth on the balancing life.
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This weeks episode is the beginning of the Age & Management Series of the Doctors Corner with Dr. Pinsky and Mark McCoy.
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Exclusively on Space Coast Daily TV, Dr. Pinsky provides insightful commentary and advice about hot medical topics of the day, and also address reader questions.
Dr. Mark Pinsky talks about Wellness and Prevention and how Pinsky Family & Sports Medicine is different and effective in their approach to keeping people well and preventing major illnesses.

Sports Medicine Veteran

Dr. Pinsky has worked closely with high school, college, Olympic and professional athletes. During his 20-year career in Brevard County, Florida, he has served as the team physician for several high schools. Currently, Dr. Pinsky provides care for Viera High School athletes and is a partner of Medical Associates of Brevard.

Dr. Pinsky is dedicated to patient-centered care through MDVIP, a nationwide network of physicians whose sole purpose is to provide superior individualized healthcare. MDVIP makes patient medical issues their top priority.

As an MDVIP physician, Dr. Pinsky takes pride in doing just that for each and every patient in his practice.

MDVIP: Cutting Edge Concierge Medicine

Dr. Pinsky has been practicing medicine for more than 20 years and is the director of the Pinsky Family and Sports Medicine Center in Viera, Florida, where he provides one-on-one care to his patients.“My goal is to educate patients about their medical conditions so they can learn how to prevent disease or minimize complications from their existing conditions,” said Dr. Pinsky.